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TAX                                                                       AMOUNT

Real Estate                                                           4.40 Mills
Earned Income                                                    1/2 of 1%
Emergency Municipal Services Tax**            $52.00 each employed person in Penn Township
Realty Transfer                                                    1/2% of Real Estate Value

The South Western School District tax structure is different from the Township tax structure cited above.


This tax is paid by anyone employed in Penn Township. It is a flat $52.00 fee. Refunds are available for anyone who has paid the tax twice or for anyone who can show proof he/she has earned less than $12,000 in the previous year. Exemptions can be filed upfront for those individuals who made less than $12,000 in the Township in the prior year.  Requests for exemptions and refunds can be sent to York Adams Tax Bureau.  


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Real Estate Tax

      As a resident and or a property owner of Penn Township, you are taxed by three taxing districts. County of York and Penn Township real estate/property tax bills are combined and issued in February, payable at discount by April 15th. The third taxing district is South Western School. The school district's real estate/property tax bills are issued in July, payable at discount by September 30th. The School also has an installment payment method. 

     The payment of tax bills is the tax payer's responsibility. If you have an escrow account and receive a real estate tax bill, please, forward the bill to your mortgage company for payment. If you obtain a building permit for an improvement to your property, you will receive an interim real estate bills due to the increase in assessed value.

    If you would like a paid receipt, you must include a self-addressed stamped envelope at the time of payment. Any tax bill issued in the current year must be paid by December 31st. No personal checks will be accepted after December 15th. The taxes levied by the taxing districts are allowed by Pennsylvania State Laws.